NaNo Finale

As it goes in my life, the world is exploding, and I’m glueing the pieces back together as they move away from me in slow motion….But it’s okay, because it should be setting back down….um, this weekend?

So, as most of you have by now or are still writing your wrap-up NaNo posts…I will not be able to share for a week. 

I’m sure some of you are in suspense if my Mini-NaNoNite made it, so here’s a photo for you….

I promise to keep my proud gushing to a minimum when I finally get to write it…But let me tell you, the suspense as she was writing until the–

Nope, wait for the post. 

Congrats to everyone who finished and THANK YOU for those of you who supported me. It was amazing to have instantaneous feedback as always.



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