Good Marrow, Happy Holidays, and Holy Bajebas NaNoWriMo

I have not had a moment to put my fingers to a keyboard to type anything else aside from important job-like projects. Of the many press releases and blogs that I write for work on a daily basis, it made me twitch to not be able to say anything after NaNoWriMo, but so goes December for me:

  • Catch Up
  • Fix Issues
  • Shift Priorities

After a very VERY successful Christmas, my fingers are dying to speak and say hello and tell stories…so, let us begin…before I disappear back into job-like projects…


I WON!!!

But, I’m sure most of you already knew that. I have to say it was a great ending to the month. I looked over my NaNoWriMo 2013 Commandments, and I hit most of them…

(to see the complete list, visit here)

  1. KEPT
  2. Depends on if adding a few sentences in the sections I’d already written qualifies as editing. If not, KEPT.
  3. KEPT-ish. There were days I didn’t hit 1,667, but it wasn’t because of my long days per say…
  4. I did push push push to finish the book, so I KEPT, but I was about 2 scenes short. I would have probably finished if it wasn’t for the party and sleep over for the kids we had that night with friends and family…(more detail on that to come below for Mini-NaNoNite).
  5. BROKEN. I couldn’t always write without Netflix on IF I already turned it on. I am so comfortable with voices; that is what I want to hear, even if I know my writing sloowwssss down. I tried.
  6. BROKEN. I didn’t go to one, single write-in. Too busy, per usual.
  7. KEPT
  8. I did break this one, but on the days I didn’t write it was because I was already 2-3 days ahead. So, BROKE-ish.
  9. BROKEN. I didn’t write at my desk ONCE. Even though I still owe you all pictures of the pretty space of creativity, I still wasn’t able to keep it clean OR even have time enough to myself to go up there. ::sigh:: I’ll work on that.
  10. I haven’t done this yet, but I will. My muse supported me happily. Thanks babe.

And that is how my NaNo went. I have written a few days since then, and now AM ON THE LAST SCENE OF THE BOOK! Soon…soon it will be complete…


As I said before, we had a party and a sleepover planned for the 30th. My lovey assured me that it wouldn’t get in the way of Anastasia finishing her NaNo (only 80 words to go by the time the party started)…but it did. She decided she didn’t want to do it. We told her we would still be proud of her either way, and we were definitely not going to force her to do it…but I was biting my nails!

At about 11:30 p.m. I was finishing my last sentence…the parents had all gone home, and the kids left behind, so I had 7 kids plus my muse surrounding me as I finished my sentence into the 50,000 word realm, Ana included. They hooted, they cheered…and Ana disappeared. We all went upstairs to find her, sitting over her book, writing her final words!! I was so excited!

We all sat in the room and rooted her on, cheering. At 11:53 p.m. we had to make her stop writing because the deadline WAS UPON US! We both validated and WON!

I am so proud of her. Although she is like a page away from finishing (and yes she also wrote more after NaNo on her own) she didn’t finish yet. As soon as she is done, she gets to type it up on my computer, so I promise to share her work with you all (as long as she gives me permission to).

As an added bonus, enjoy a video of her EXACT MOMENT OF TRIUMPH! Full of interviews, including myself.


For those of you who celebrate, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! For those of you who don’t, Happy Whichever-Holiday-You-Do-Celebrate!

It was our first Christmas in our own home, and our first with the kids just us, so it had to be BIG. Never mind the rest of the rough year the kids have had, we wanted Christmas to be amazing. So, Santa went a little crazy. Stuffed animals were bigger than me, electronics were everywhere, toys were piled, games were played and the kids smiled all day long…and the Santa Pup was ADORABLE.

Santa Pup

Adventures included:

  • Unwrapping gifts (from us parents and Santa Claus)
  • Grandpa (Papu, in Greek) visited
  • Yummy dinner (Anastasia was the chef)
  • Gingerbread house Decorate-Off (umm, us girls lost…it collapsed…)
  • Skyping with my family (all my family is in another state, boo)
  • Lincoln Log Battle (you know, each side builds a fort and then you use a cannon or catapult and shoot down each other’s men and King — us big kids won.)
  • Christmas Movie (The Santa Claus 3)
  • Slumber party in the living room

Needless to say, my Christmas was AMAZING. One of the best. I didn’t sleep until 6:15 a.m. on Christmas. Wrapping took forever, and I didn’t even do the bulk of it. My lovey slept at 8:30 a.m. (Yay for 1 hour of sleep!)..but that’s what happens when we both end up with work to do on Christmas Eve and can’t spend time doing Christmas stuff. Happens every holiday.

Sisters and my Family
Sisters and my Family
Plus Mommy and Lovey
Plus Mommy and Lovey

What did we do on Christmas Eve? We got dressed up to go to the City (New York in case you don’t know where I am)…which turned into a smaller, Christmas-town called Port Jeff because we weren’t going to make the City….which turned into Starbucks because we weren’t going to make Port Jeff…which ultimately ended up with us eating nachos and hotdogs, while all dressed up, in the 711 parking lot because Starbucks closed at 7. Now, could most people do that and still say they had an awesome Christmas Eve dinner? Probably not…But I love my lovey for having the same joy for the random little things that we do together.

711 Christmas Eve
711 Christmas Eve

The End

And the final words…I will be changing my theme soon. Back to normal? Perhaps. I also want to get back to my writing. I miss that. Until then, and in case I don’t come back before then…

May you all have a happy and healthy New YEAR!



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