New Year Resolutions, Anyone?

I make New Year resolutions every year, and I, like most others, fall behind and are unable to continue with said resolutions. This year I have, yet again, made a list of things I wish to follow for so long as possible. But, this year, I feel as though I will be successful because I truly want to be able to follow through.

I think New Year Resolutions are important for some people as resolutions help them to push forward with something they may not have otherwise pushed to do if it wasn’t the new year.

There is something about a new year and a fresh start that appeals to many, and I feel that a fresh start is what brings about many a person who wishes to “change” something about themselves.

I feel as though most of my life is positive, successful, happy and full of love; but in the cracks and corners of my every day, there are dust bunnies the size of the moon that are getting between me and my next step in life. Well, more like next steps. And not only that, but these bunnies of the moon are interfering with pieces of myself that I truly love to do.

So, with these pieces in mind, I created my list of Resolutions for 2014.

  1. I will write everyday.
  2. I will read everyday.
  3. I will wake at 7 a.m. on weekdays, 9 a.m. on weekends.
  4. I will plan ahead.
  5. I will be wherever I need to be at least 15 minutes early.
  6. I will walk the pup everyday.

Now, are these huge items on my list? I don’t feel that is the case. I NEED to read and write more. Waking up early will prevent me from being late, allow me to fully complete my mornings before work, and stop my morning rush. Weekend waking will bring longer days of “whatever I want to do”. The rest are just pieces that I need to add to better myself and make for a better pup.

I think we can all use small tweaks and adjustments as we go through our days…weeks…months…years, and our New Year Resolutions help us try to do just that.

Tweak and Adjust.

Good luck with any resolutions you have added to your plate this 2014. I hope to see you at the finish line.

Enjoy. And Reed.

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