My First Novel Finished, Completed, Written

As a writer, oftentimes finding the ideas can be the hardest part. A muse need join the mix and help a writer find the story that he or she wishes to tell. Once the story is decided, the words may come easy.

I am one of the writers that has the opposite problem. I have found and enjoyed creating many a story with twists and turns and plots and characters moving from one side of the world to another. But when it comes to actually writing it, there lies the problem.

Not for the lack of want, but as I have said in many a post, for the lack of time. This year; however, I am not letting that get in the way. I have written every day (save for yesterday with good reason as my words follow) and have enjoyed letting my fingers talk.

I am happy to say that on January 4, 2014, I wrote the last words to my first novel I have ever completed.

I outlined the novel in October, wrote 95 percent of it in November for NaNoWriMo, and finished it a month and a short while later.

My newest change, though, includes a new title. I have never changed a title once I have written it, but my muse was not completely pleased with the final title…And I seem to be agreeing.

The new title for this novel:

Travel: Book One

As a teaser, the following image not only shows my final word count (and yes, it is low for a normal novel, but I have plenty to add to it), but it also has the last words of my final chapter. But don’t worry, there are no spoilers, I blurred out most of the words. There are just enough to keep you interested, I feel.

So, please, wish me well with the oncoming editing sessions that I have ahead of me.

Enjoy. And Reed. 

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