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I’m not sure how many of you follow SEO practices as well as the craziness that Google causes with its changes to its algorithms. I have to incorporate SEO into my every day, so themes surrounding Google move in to my regular life as well. 

Such as my blog – I may not use crazy SEO with my blog, but I may have at least ONE plugin to help SEO-wise.

In February 2013, I was happy to see my Page Rank go up (after a PR update from Google) to a PR1. I don’t have tons of traffic, so to see it go up means that Google sees my website and recognizes it. Win.

Well, in December 2013, Google did an unexpected Page Rank update, and I’m happy to announce that is A PAGE RANK 2!!!

Is that huge for some websites? Probably not, but to be just me writing creatively (and of course the creative works that I have shared from other authors and artists) and still be noticed enough to have a bunch of GoogleBots see my site and give it a higher Page Rank makes me feel good. 

Thanks GoogleBots for the Happy Tuesday news.



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  1. 😀 Thanks +James Mayes!

    Have you seen Shanghai Noon (not sure if you are a fan of either Jackie Chan or Owen Wilson), but Owen's character gets upset about Jackie having a higher bounty on his head….the more "bad" Owen is and the higher bounty, the more girls he would get….So yes…even bad guys enjoy their most wanted lists…(however fictional some may be…)

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