There Once Was a Fluff…

This photo was taken and sent to me with a text message saying “I miss you. Come home.” I was in the car in the next 2 minutes.

In honor of my little pup who has recently joined the family, I wrote a little poem. It’s small and cute like her so it works.

There once was a fluff
Who loved me just enough
With her fur here and there
And just about everywhere

She runs through the house
Quiet as a mouse
She gnaws on her toys
As she brings us new joys

A high squeaky sound
When you’re up and she’s down
All she wants is to cuddle
My heart is a puddle

Always near my feet
At the door she stays to greet
My cutest little lap kitty
With her nose so itty-bitty

She sleeps in a ball
And in Greek she hears us call
Her feet never  touch the ground
As we carry her around

I love my Fluff Pup
She lifts me right up
My heart grows fonder
From the hither and the yonder

Oh, Kuiper my puppy
How  much I love thee


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