Notebooks Can Hold Your Whole Life

It’s interesting what we use as the pieces to organize our lives. We use so many different organizers that it’s often to the point that we need to organize our organizers. One thing I do enjoy about organizing, besides doing the actual organizing, is having different modes of organizing for every aspect of our busy lives.

Women have their whole lives inside of purses while men carry their pieces of their lives in their wallets. We have spacers for trunks and hanging organizers for our closets. We have boxes for our pencils and containers for our food. Drawers for our clothes and bags for our…well, anything else really.

I think the one thing that some forget about as a way to organize is a notebook.

A notebook offers us many ways, customized ways and creative ways to keep our writings together. It starts out when we are in grade school. We have homework, dittos, charts, drawing. We have a notebook to hold it in. Sure they are probably more like folders, but as we get older, they switch to folders with different sections for writing. Then when you get even older, you can combine notebooks, folders and whatever else to keep your pieces organized.

But what about the notebook to organize your thoughts and creative ideas? This often starts as a diary, moves to a journey and then becomes a writer’s notebook. Or at least, mine did. The want to write often starts when you are younger, but it doesn’t always have to. All I know is having a notebook to give you the space, creativity and organization to add your thoughts and ideas can be, for some, almost like being able to organize your whole life.

Being a writer, I know how important it is for writers to have a special place or an organized space to be able to put a novel together or a story or even a giant series of them. I happen to have notebooks for each of my stories. One per. It helps me stay organized. I often feel that these notebooks hold my life in their many pages. Although not exactly true, they do carry my special thoughts and ideas that I hope to one day share. This makes them very important to me.

Other books make me feel that same way, but there is something about a notebook with my own words that makes it extra special. So, can notebooks hold your whole life?

I definitely think so.

2 thoughts on “Notebooks Can Hold Your Whole Life”

  1. Notebooks can definitely hold your whole life, but then it’s more like a diary for my. What I really love to do, is take a special notebook with me when I travel. I just simply love it to jot down little observations, parts of conversations or ideas for stories.

    I also have tons of notebooks, but unfortunately don’t use them enough – besides the travelling thingy. But maybe I’ll manage and change it a bit from now on.

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