The Simple Things

Darian looked over at her feet under the table. She had removed her sandals and had placed her bare feet on the smooth, laminate wooden floor. The curve of her feet from heel to toe had him secretly staring. He was watching her from under his eyelashes as she pressed her feet against the floor and shifted her toes back and forth. It was as if she was caressing the cool surface and enjoying the feeling against her skin. 

Darian couldn’t help himself as he watched, mesmerized by the small motion that made her even more beautiful to him. He glanced quickly at her face and could see the trace of a slight, pleased smile. Watching such a small movement that truly seemed to make her happy made his heart beat faster. His heart warmed at the pure joy she seemed to be feeling.

How could someone be so happy by such a simple piece of life?

As she looked over at him to ask a question, he buried his eyes back into the paperwork in front of him, hoping she hadn’t seen him staring.



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