New Story Idea?

So…I have a story idea, but I need opinions. It's actually an idea that I had a long time ago and wanted to write with my father and sister. We three had always been very close since it had only been the three of us. We talked about writing a book where we each of us would write our side of how we felt and what we experienced surrounding the same, specific topic that happened in our lives.

For example, my father has diabetes his whole life and then my sister later got it at 18, so one chapter would be about their thoughts, and I would write about how I took care of them.

But, the problem…the three of us are no longer close…at all…and we each live in different states, besides.

BUT BUT, I still want to write the book. I know the style of writing that both my father and sister have…at least I can mimic something close to it. I am thinking I should write the book anyway. The only difference may be about the topics. I don't know if I should write what I think they thought….I'm not sure.

Thoughts? Comments? Opinions?

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  1. I think the “once you were close, and now your not” is the basis for a good story like you want to do. Working out a then and now view point for each of you. I could see it being something very interesting. Good luck with it.

  2. If you’re not so close with them anymore and can’t ask them, take a fictional approach to the whole story. Develop your own character and if you like, jump heads per chapter. Also, there is tons of material out there from people who had a similar experience, use this as a base and see where it takes you.

  3. If it were me, I would focus on fictionalizing it. Write a fictionalized story with each of the three characters you have described, and make it a point to write from each characters’ perspective (give each character their own story). So, each character would have their own story arcs, conflicts, concerns, etc. But the one thing drawing them together in the middle is that they are family and the disease, diabetes. I could see your character being a little younger, still in high school, and not wanting to be bothered by the illness of your family members. Just wanting to have a normal, whatever that is, high school career.

    Any rate… that’s probably what I would do… instead of trying to get into their heads, create new heads with similar thoughts.

  4. I know my opinion may not count, but first I  would like to say that I admire anyone that can have the patience  to write and create. being from the south where at one time there were large families, there is always one that holds on to memories and how they see things, I am sure if you write about your recollections that they aren't far off from what every one else remembers. I pride my self on my memory but my dad and I he is 83 seem to always to  disagree how things  were at certain points of time. but the truth is he is a very prideful man, and somethings to him are embarrassing and he feels like they make him look bad. but for the most  part my memories are what the others remember. your writings may contain the truth with some embellishments that would give your writings ( as we say in the south) a certain twang of interest. but take it from me. just love your family no matter what and write your book. your recollections may be more entertaining for them than you could sounds like you have al loving family and they would appreciate anything you do. I would suggest writing it soon before memories fade and the interest becomes dull. but I am confident that anything you write would never be dull. sorry for rambling, I haven't quite figured out yet to put words into the reader's digest condensed form. in the Bible, ( I hope you understand what I am saying) Matthew, Mark, Luke, John all wrote about the same thing, but the variances made the reading interesting from the different perspectives. I wish you luck and peace in your writings….

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