Catching Up on the Creative

That moment when you realize that you haven’t written anything creative in months… When you realize that you haven’t painted anything except for a few small kid-like pictures since last summer… When you realize that your creativity is backed up inside your mind and the changes to your emotional state of being are directly connected… When time is passing with nothing being created…

I found out that I was pregnant last July and many trials and tribulations of life came shortly after. Nothing to do with the pregnancy but rather the next steps of life. I decided to take a turn into a different field of work, so I went back to school and took some online classes, including Physics and two Anatomy and Physiology classes. Around the same time, NaNoWriMo appeared in November, like it does every year, and I worked with a larger group of girls this time.

I had two 8-year-olds, one 10-year-old, two 11-year-olds, and one 12-year-old. With everything that was going on in my life in November, I barely wrote 10,000 words. It was a very disappointing NaNoWriMo for me. The good news is I was able to foster the imagination and creativity of six young girls. They wrote stories with superhero dogs, talking fruit, battles with sharks under the sea, and many other amazing ideas. Each one of them hit their word count, then surpassed their second goal I gave them, and all completely rocked NaNoWriMo. (see this post “My First NaNoWriMo With My NaNoNites!!” for pictures)

Now, here I am, coming up to Camp NaNoWriMo for July, and my little writer Anastasia and I are going to start getting ready. Considering it starts in a week, we probably should have gotten ready before this. But as I said, creativity is the last thing that’s on my list with everything that is going on.

I am however happy to announce that I brought a baby boy into this world, Konstantine Michael Tsalikis, born March 27, 2015 at 10:31 PM.

He is a beautiful addition to our already big family. My fiancé already had three kids, as I’ve talked about before, but now it was my turn to have my first little one. He is such a beautiful new light in my life, and I love every minute that I have with him.


my son
He has my eyes and daddy’s everything else.
me and my son
Taken June 22, 2015

I also started a new full-time job as an online content manager at a home care agency in a city that is at minimum 45 minutes away from my house. Going from working from home for over a year to now commuting up to three hours a day has been a real challenge that I am still working on. I will say though, that my Kraken time lapse video is the main reason that I was brought in for an interview by this company. The CEO found my video online, shared it with the office, and they got me in for interview a couple days later. He was looking for someone with my creativity level and personality. So far I have been a great asset to the company as far as I can tell, I just wish that the job was not an hour and a half away from my family…

I could go on and on about the different details of my life, but I really just came to update everyone and to tell them that I plan on truly making an effort to continue with my creativity…

Camp NaNoWriMo is around the corner.

Writing will continue on my blog.

I’m working on finding a set time during the week to paint & read & draw.
I even want to find a time to go to the library once a week just to find books for my little one and for my other kids who love to be there as much as I do. (Speaking of, I already signed up for the adult summer reading club and the reading club for Anastasia. I’m really excited about that too!)


This year’s theme: Every Hero has a Story

So in conclusion ladies and jelly-spoons, I miss you all, and I miss sharing my creative moments. And here’s to my new push of creativity.


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