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Of the many talented and creative authors, photographers, painters and others that have joined (and will join) my site, here is where you may find them all. They are in the order in which they shared with me. If you are interested, email me at to join us.

Eon Reed

“In creating, the hard thing’s to begin; a grassblade’s no easier than an oak.”

Bio: Expressing myself in words means taking the thousands and thousands of words available to me and deleting the words I don’t want to use to create a string of words to describe what I am thinking or feeling….even in run-on sentences.



Twitter: @eonreed

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“The Black Hole that is my Mind.”

Bio: With interests in science, physics and space, I am a writer that takes inspiration from the logical and creative sides of my mind as they come together.


Remy Hiro

“An inspiration provider for visitors looking to create wonderful designs for print!”

Bio: The writer of the Inspiring Print blog. Check it out if you get a moment. You might like it.

Website: Inspiring Print

Twitter: @inspiringprint

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Nathan Weaver

“In most places, bad things come in threes…In Babylon they come in sevens.”

Bio: Nathan Weaver is a senior video production specialist, filmmaker, writer, and lyricist. He primarily writes crime, mystery and science fiction, but he often dabbles into other genres if there is a good story there to be had. You can read short stories and excerpts at You can download his novella Rose’s Thorn on Smashwords and the anthology Everything from Amazon, in which he contributed two short stories; both of these eBooks are $0.99. You can also purchase the collaborative crime novella FATAL FLAWS in paperback on Lulu, which he organized and wrote many of the chapters himself.


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Lace Cys

“Presentation of my drawings using the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.”


Joseph Tenaglia

“I am just a person like you, I am just a fuck-up that’s true, but you’re the only one I’ll turn to by my side everyday and night, just when I think I’m fine I always then realize that I am the only one to turn to me inside. “Dragged Down” – Taproot”


Eustacia Tan

“I love photography, but I’m not very good at it. I’m learning though, and just got my first DSLR. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. Right now, I’m trying to figure out if I like photographing people or landscapes better, and of course, trying to develop a personal style (or take coherent photos)”

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