Creation with a Paint Brush

Some may ask what drawing has to do with painting…everything. They are really the same thing to be honest. The only difference is the media.

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Drawing                                  Painting

Paper Canvass
Pencil Paint Brush
Colored Pencils/Markers Paints


Drawing was something I began when I was really young. The earliest drawing I can remember that I still have is from 1992…or somewhere about there. That would put me about eight years old. I know I started drawing before that, but there are years of missing pictures too. The 1992 drawing is of Wolverine. Big and awkward but fully-colored. Never getting rid of that.

I drew for years. Learned to sketch. Perfected shading (even if the shade was not the most realistic, as long as it was appealing to the eye and colorful. Must be colorful). And then I graduated high school and went after my drawing dream. Almost a year at The Art Institute of California, Los Angeles, I let go of the dream and moved to my second, the pursuit of editing with Linguistics….but my first love is always with me.

I continued to draw after I left the Art Institute and about a year ago, I went wild and tried my hand at painting. No, I had never painted before but knew I would love doing it. Knew it.

Paint purchased. Canvass bought. Easel acquired. Brushes ready to go.

I sketched out the drawing and began. I painted over the course of two days and the results were liked by many, including the recipient. I was definitely a fan too.

Recently, my second painting was completed and that is when I realized…It’s because I was drawing for so long that I can paint the way I do. It’s not that I picked up a brush and magically was able to paint well the first time, it was that painting is just like drawing and shading but with a brush.

As I shade I add layers. As I paint I add layers. One layer of color built upon the next until the detail is done. Just like shading with color pencils.

So it’s not that I can paint. It’s that I can draw and shade.

I made the realization and shared it with my family…and of course they scoffed at me. “Yeah, surrrrre you can’t paint.”

Well, I’m not saying I can’t. I’m just saying that I can, because I can draw and shade. That’s all. I’m not a magical, just-started painter.

Although, I may need to start painting for others more…

Have any requests?

My Work

Tradional Paintings

Welcome Home First Square of Four The Old Man
My Little Ponies Coming Soon… Coming Soon…


Digital Paintings

For my digital paintings, visit my iPad, Let’s You and I Create Something Together page. I’ll add more pages as I draw more digital artwork.



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