My First Black & White Painting: The Old Man

My amazing and close friend Amanda Kyle sent me what I told her I could use for Christmas: paint. I packed away all of my acrylic paints and canvasses about four months ago. She (very awesomely so) sent me an acrylic pad with a set of acrylic paints in 15 colors or so. The night of Super Bowl XLVII, I had an itch…a twitch…to paint something.

I searched for “Black & White Photography” and found this incredible photograph on Cool Photography Pics. I was intrigued by the lines in his face and the expression in his eyes. The longer I stared into his eyes, the faster I made the decision to paint him.

I dropped some paint on a paper plate (my real paint palette is in storage too), grabbed a brush and painted his left iris.

And I continued painting without any lines, any sketching…just his face full of emotion with my painting brush.

My final touch was his eyes…white paint to fill them with emotion.

His eyes. The most interesting part of him.

I added white over black to give his hair the white he shows.

So, tell me. Do you feel his emotion in my painting as you do by looking into his eyes?


Enjoy. And Paint.

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