“Is it Possible to be a Little Schizophrenic?”

Single Novel

Genre: Psychological

Main Character: Boss

Secondary Characters and/or Voices: Max, Secant, Seth, The Blocked, The Positive, The Saddened, The Screamer, The Seducer

Time Period: Modern. Ranges from the age of six to 26.

Synopsis: A girl, Boss, grows up like any normal little girl in the suburbs of a small town. She even made imaginary friends by the age of six. Imaginary friends that become more real to her as she grows up.

And they never leave her.

Then the voices grow stronger and in number.

The years pass, and they are as loud as her own inner voice….

….Is she crazy? Duplicated? Or possibly, a little schizophrenic?


Chapter One Chapter Five …coming soon…

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