A Girl and Her Sea Monster

In four images, a story of undeniable and everlasting love and devotion was painted beautifully. As one of the most powerful story-telling I have seen in a long while, I honored the beauty with a poem, telling the story of the girl and her sea monster…

“A Girl and Her Sea Monster”

 From your tiny wet feet to my little wiggly toes,
You became my friend that day is all I know.
You made me smile with a snort and squawk,
As I pet your chin and you warbled and talked.

All night and day long together we’d be,
Flowing through water with fish in the sea.
Such a delight to fish and to feed you,
On your back as the soft, warm wind blew.

Against the rocks and beneath the sun,
Sleeping on my lap until the day was done.
I would share my dreams of shooting stars,
But always with you I was never too far.

Through the years of friendship kept,
Of our lives together as I won’t forget.
Even now I see you through,
As you smile at me, and I smile at you.

To see the creator’s other work, visit this website and browse her incredible gallery.

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