Let the Rain Fall

As the rain falls…



Splish, splash, splatter.

As the rain falls down,
It’s the sprinkle that makes a splat.

On the heavy, stiff roof,
With the dark thick’d sounds.

Sprinkle, spray, spritz.

A drop of water with a splish of day,
Brings about some fun and play.

The cold and wet will sprinkle such
That dripping cold can’t bug too much.

Shower, sleet, storm.

With the darkest clouds and airy sounds
That bring the soft’ning mist.

Such calm to feel with eyes closed,
As the sounds blow breezly by.

Feel the droplets on your skin
And be with nature in the air.

Crystal. Clear. Clarity.

The storm has passed,
The sky is clear.
See the water as it shines
Serene and calm as glass.


3 thoughts on “Let the Rain Fall”

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