Our Own Groove

I mean really, who has time to decide which way to go?

In such a world that we think we always know

how we should keep up with the ebb and flow

of our day to day that may stagnate or grow.

Jumping up and down trying to be seen,

when all we want is a place to lean.

With us just trying to not fall apart at every seam

of our stressful lives that often gleam

our ways into events that can be a created meme.

Tell me once and tell me true,

Do you think the world has turned blue?

Over the BS and through the goo,

Is it possible that I missed you?

Fret not those of you who pessimist.

There are plenty of times to visit a therapist,

so let’s try to be unprejudiced

and instead be a specialist

in the positive natures of a pleasantest.

Pausing and breathing while looking out a window,

can often bring about a kind of crescendo

of thoughts and ideas that we hope to keep out of limbo

and place in front instead of letting them diminuendo.

With the beautiful sky and beautiful sun,

there’s no reason the world can’t be fun.

Sure there’s stress and days to outrun,

but there are times that are next to none.

Times with the friends and time with family,

don’t always have to be some kind of tragedy.

We can laugh and cry with tears much happily,

even when stress threatens a calamity.

Although I know that there is more to life,

than feeling all the pain and strife

of a world that offers the neg in rife.

The beauty of our lives that cause us to move

forward and in this case to prove

the time is now to work and improve

the final song and dance to our own groove.

One thought on “Our Own Groove”

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